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The ViperJet MKII Executive has the distinction of being one of the highest performance General Aviation aircraft available for sale. This stunning personal jet has all the comfort of a corporate jet, yet with fighter-like handling, aerobatic capabilities along with spectacular climb and cruise performance. With “ramp appeal” second to none, heads will turn as you taxi in or take off, climbing at rates up to 10,000 feet per minute or more!

Some of the features and specifications of the ViperJet MK II Executive:

  • 425 KTAS Max. Cruise

  • 10,000+ fpm Rate of Climb

  • T/O Distance 1500 ft.

  • Aerobatic Capabilities, Fighter-like Handling

  • Glass Cockpit (front & rear) featuring Garmin, TruTrak & Electronics International Equipment

  • Satellite Weather & Music

  • Pressurized (5.5 psi differential) with Climate Control


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Specifications are subject to verification upon inspection by Purchaser. Purchaser acknowledges that this is an aircraft licensed in the experimental category.